Eric Schanke – Acupuncture is medical not mystical – #5

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Eric Schanke is an acupuncturist that practices what he refers to as ashi acupuncture. And for those of you who aren’t acupuncturists, there are generally two types of acupuncture.

  1. Meridian or Jing Luo style acupuncture that’s based on the theory of qi flowing along meridians in the body
  2. Ashi acupuncture, in which you find the tender points, and you stick a needle in them to reduce pain. Ashi roughly translates to “ouch”, “that’s it”, “oh yes”

Why you should listen – In this episode, Eric talks about acupuncture being medical not mystical. He talks about studying Acupuncture in the US, Korea and China and why he was ready to quit Acupuncture until he found a mentor to learn from and find out about ashi acupuncture. By taking a western medical approach to acupuncture, Eric has elevated his practice and results to a whole new level. Eric talks about how the process of ashi acupuncture and how it differs from meridian acupuncture as well as dry needling. Eric’s website is

0m 0s – Introduction of Eric Schanke

1m 0s – Eric’s educational background

3m 23s – Western acupuncture training compared to Asian acupuncture training

5m 27s – Why Eric was almost ready to quit Acupuncture

7m 30s – How Eric transitioned into practising ashi acupucnture

8m 40s – What did Eric learn from his mentor Michael Turk?

9m 50s – Eric’s opinions on qi, meridians and other mystical terminology

12m 30s – Eric’s definition of organ qi (liver qi, kidney qi, etc)

15m 20s – Classical acupuncture tools

16m 30s – Differences between ashi acupuncture and merdian acupuncture

19m 40s – Value Eric has received from medical acupuncture books and trigger point books

21m 35s – How Eric uses ashi acupuncture to treat ashi points and/or trigger points

27m 37s – How ashi acupuncture is similar or different from dry needling

30m 19s – Eric is currently looking for students that want to learn ashi acupuncture

32m 50s – Final thoughts from Eric

  • Eric’s upcoming book “Ashi Acupuncture – Advanced Needle Techniques

34m 20s – The goal of Eric’s website

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