Placebo Series Part 1 – Understanding Placebo Acupuncture – #4

by Jason Tutt on March 11, 2015 in Episodes, Placebo Series with No Comments


In this special episode, Jason Tutt breaks down what the different forms of placebo acupuncture are, explains how they work, and shows a demonstration for each type of placebo acupuncture. Forms of placebo acupuncture in this episode include (1) minimal acupuncture (2) sham acupuncture (3) placebo needle acupuncture.

Why you should listen – For anyone trying to understand Acupuncture research, or just trying to understand what placebo acupuncture is when it is being compared to real acupuncture, this episode lays a strong foundation for understanding how acupuncture is often tested for efficacy in research studies and clarify some of the language you might come across in these studies when you hear that Acupuncture was superior or was not superior to sham Acupuncture.



0m 0s – Introduction to Placebo Series

0m 40s – How is Acupuncture compared to Placebo in a study?

  • Types of real acupuncture in studies
    • real, traditional, verum
  • What is a placebo treatment?

3m 50s – Familiarize yourself with language used in studies

  • Placebo acupuncture
  • Sham acupuncture
  • Minimal acupuncture
  • Simulated acupuncture

5m 40s – Discussion of minimal acupuncture

8m 54s – Demonstration of real and minimal acupuncture

12m 29s – Discussion of sham acupuncture

23m 50s РOverview of placebo needle acupuncture

25m 45s – Demonstration of the Streitberger placebo needle

33m 58s – Discussion of Park Sham device

37m 06s – Demonstration of Park Sham device

48m 33s – Side by side comparison of Streitberger and Park Sham needles

51m 08s – Discussion and demonstration of Toothpick acupuncture (Simulated Acupuncture)

55m 20s – Discussion of the foam special device

1hr 0m 36s – Summary of different forms of placebo acupuncture discussed in episode

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